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1. What is the maximum speed you are allowed to travel in an operational area?
2. When are you allowed to get out of your vehicle in an operational area?
3. Who always has right of way in an operational area?
4. Which way does the traffic flow in an operational area?
5. When and where are you allowed to adjust your twist locks?
6. When you are on site, what is our top priority?
7. What must you do in an emergency?
8. How do you know when you are allowed to drive into the operational area to drop off or pick up containers?
9. What do you do if you see a hazard?

10. We have identified eight (8) criticial risks in our workplace.  
Four (4) of the eight (8) critical risks are associated specifically with driving your truck onto our site.  Name one (1) of the critical risks:

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If you watched the Induction Video, and have been instructed to participate in the Questionnaire, please ensure all* fields are completed.

You must get 8 out of the 10 questions correct.  

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